Noble County, Ohio was formed in 1851 out of Guernsey, Monroe, Morgan, and Washington Counties.  If the information you seek is prior to that year, we’ll be glad to offer which County resources to contact.  Our Chapter is a volunteer organization, and with the help of Caldwell’s Public Library, we’ve been able to make some remarkable resources available to you such as:  

  • Deed/Marriage extracts;  
  • Military research binders;  
  • Some church records;  
  • Locally published obituaries as far back as 1880;  
  • Noble County historical books, which offer information on some of our earliest settlers;  
  • Updated cemetery interment rosters (knowing the township will help);  
  • Census Reports beginning 1860, including a special 1890 Veterans Census;  
  • Surname folders which have developed through years of other researchers’ requests for information.   

If you seek court documents that you haven’t found on, that office has a flyer available for you (attached) to request copies.  If you need one of our volunteers to visit the court building for you, we can make that trip for $10, in addition to any copying fees. 

The link below will open an Annex Document Search form where you can fill us in on what you are seeking as well as where to return the completed form to.  Not everyone has the capability of filling it out online, so we’ve made it easy for everyone.  We will email you what can be found.

Document Search Form

Noble County Courthouse Flyer