Past and Current Churches of Noble County

Beaver Township
Baptist Church                             Quaker City Route
Bethel Church                              Quaker City Route
Palestine Church                         Quaker City Route
Methodist Episcopal Church     Batesville

Brookfield Township
Brookfield Baptist Church        Cumberland Route
Renrock Church                          Cumberland Route

Buffalo Township
Mt. Zion Church                          Pleasant City Route
Pleasant Grove Church              Pleasant City Route
Riches Church                             Senecaville Route

Center Township
Barry Ridge Church                    Belle Valley Route
Fredricksdale Church U B         Fredricksdale
Perryopolis Church F M            Caldwell Route
Pleasant Hill Church                   Sarahsville Route
Free Methodist Church              Sarahsville
Methodist Episcopal Church     Sarahsville 

Elk Township
Crum Christian Church              Caldwell Route
Dennis Christian Church           Harrietsville Route
Harrietsville A H Church           Harrietsville
Saint Henry’s Catholic Church Harrietsville
Harrietsville M E Church           Harrietsville
Lutheran Church                         Lower Salem Route
Road Fork Baptist Church          Harrietsville Route
Road Fork M E Church               Harrietsville Route

Enoch Township
Methodist Episcopal Church     Caldwell Route
Saint Mary Catholic Church      Fulda

Jackson Township
Crooked Tree M E Church         Crooked Tree
Dungannon M P Church            Dungannon
Haines U B Church                     Dexter City Route
Keiths M P Church                      Keithtown
Shafer M E Church                     Macksburg Route
Williamson M E Church            Dexter City Route

Jefferson Township
Methodist Episcopal Church     Dexter City
Ogles Ridge Church                    Middleburg
Union Grove Church                  Middleburg

Marion Township
Barnes Ridge Church                  Summerfield  Route
Church of Christ                          Summerfield
Free Methodist Church              Summerfield
Methodist Episcopal Church     Summerfield
Whigville M E Church               Whigville

Noble Township
Baptist Church                             Pleasant City Route
Corpus Christi Church               Belle Valley
Coal Ridge Lutheran Church     Coal Ridge
Free Methodist Church              Ava
Creek Church                               Belle Valley
Hiramsburg Church                    Hiramsburg
Hoskinsville Church                   Hoskinsville
M E Church                                  Ava
M P Church                                  Belle Valley
Russian Orthodox Church        Belle Valley

Olive Township
Baptist Church                             Caldwell
Bells M P Church                        Caldwell Route
Brown’s U B Church                  South Olive
Christian Church                        Caldwell
Dudley M E Church                    Dudley
Free Methodist Church              Caldwell
Methodist Episcopal Church     Caldwell
Olive Free Methodist Church    Caldwell
Presbyterian Church                   Caldwell
St. Stephens Catholic Church  Caldwell
South Olive Free Methodist      South Olive
South Olive Baptist                     South Olive
South Olive M P                          South Olive

Seneca Township
Bates Hill Church                        Senecaville Route
Coens Church                              Quaker City Route
Mt. Ephraim Church                   Mt. Ephraim

Sharon Township
Forest Grove M E Church          Forest Grove
Guinea M E Church                    Caldwell Route
Manchester Church                    Caldwell Route
M E Church                                  Sharon
Olive Green M E Church           Olive Green
Olive Green Christian Church  Caldwell Route
Presbyterian Church                   Sharon

Stock Township
Carlisle M E Church                   Berne/Carlisle
Saint Michael Church                 Berne/Carlisle
Curtis Ridge Church                   Summerfield Route
East Union M E Church             East Union
Taber M E Church                       Carlisle Route

Wayne Township
Kennonsburg M E Church         Quaker City Route
Saint Johns M E Church             Quaker City Route